Hadi Box Ver 2.4 Android

Hadi Box Ver 2.4 Android

1 175x300 Hadi Box Ver 2.4 Android

Hadi Box Ver 2.4 Android

Hadi Box Ver 2.4 Android: You can use this app to watch online Holy shrines and Islamic satellite channels

The App capabilities:

1- Using this app you can watch Holy shrines and satellite channels without a PC or any special device.

2- There is no need to install several apps for every channel; this app has collected all your favorite Islamic satellite channels.

3- You can choose your ideal quality according your internet speed

4- MxPlayer is available in this app so that the app works smoothly.


This great app contains the following satellite channels in it:

1- The holy shrine of Amir Al-Mu’minin (A.S) Najaf Ashraf

2- The holy shrine of Imam Hussein (A.S) Karbala

3- The holy shrine of Abulfazl Al-Abbas (A.S)

4- The holy shrine of Imam Musa Ibn Ja’far and Imam Jawad (A.S) Kazimiyn

5- The holy shrine of Imam Riza (A.S)

6- Hadi TV 1

7- Hadi TV 2

8- Hadi TV 3

9- Hadi TV 4

10- Dua Channel

11- Imam Hussein (A.S) TV 1

12- Imam Hussein (A.S) TV 2

13- Imam Hussein (A.S) TV 3 this channel would be available soon

14- Ahlulbayt TV (A.S)

15- Al Maaref

16- Velayat TV


Please do send us your comments or suggestions through this number: +98-3000320055 or this email  admin [ at ] hadi tv {dot} com


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